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Wine AttributesUpdated 9 months ago

We love wine here at Bright Cellars, and we're very proud of our unique wine portfolio. Each match is a BC exclusive that you get for an amazing, members-only price through our subscription. The wine in your subscription orders comes with a brief description on the label, as well as more detailed tasting notes and pairing suggestions in the accompanying wine card. 

Please know that any flavor notes found in our wines are strictly present through the nose and the palate only. The scent or taste might be similar to the named substance, but the wine does not contain the physical substance itself.  

For example, any wines that you see marked with "notes of vanilla” smell or taste that way due to the nature of the grape or the vineyard it came from, or the winemaking process itself. In the production of these wines, neither vanilla nor any other fruit, plant, leather, wet rocks, flowers, etc. would ever come into contact with these wines at any point. Our Margaritas are the one exception to this rule, as they are made using 100% de agave wine. 

For those with fruit or other allergies, we want to make sure your wine experience with us is as worry-free as possible. If you prefer to avoid any of our grape-only wines based on a particular flavor note due to health/allergy reasons, please notify us. We'll make a note on your profile and try to avoid matching you with any wines with those tasting notes. 

If you see a wine you want to avoid when sent your receipt, we're happy to make swaps if you let us know within 24 hours. Highly specific restrictions may also limit the wines we're able to send and provide less variety in your matches.

For more information on flavor notes and what they mean, check out this great article on our blog!

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