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Wine Preferences

How It Works

Bright Cellars is the monthly wine subscription designed to help you discover and define your taste in wine! We curate wines from around the world with the goal of making wine fun, accessible and educational. Your monthly wine matches are based on yo

Wine Pricing

Bright Cellars automatically processes your subscription orders according to the order frequency you choose when signing up. Each order includes the same number of wine matches that we pair with your personal tastes and preferences. We offer four wee

Do you carry sweet wines?

At Bright Cellars we work hard to produce and carry wines that our members love. Everyone's palate is different, so we do carry a range of wines from very sweet to dry tannic! However, please note that our inventory changes rapidly and consistently.

Do you carry organic or sustainable wine?

At Bright Cellars, we want to make good wine accessible for everyone. We develop new wines to suit our members' palates, and we do our best to incorporate the best practices of the industry. At this time, we do not carry no-sulfites-added wines*, nor

Wine Attributes

We love wine here at Bright Cellars, and we're very proud of our unique wine portfolio. Each match is a BC exclusive that you get for an amazing, members-only price through our subscription. The wine in your subscription orders comes with a brief des

Update Wine Preferences

For Bright Cellars members, your ratings are updated as you rate your wines with each order! If you would like to make more specific preference updates, please reach out to our concierge team! We can fine-tune your profile to ensure you're receiving