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How It WorksUpdated 4 months ago

Bright Cellars is the monthly wine subscription designed to help you discover and define your taste in wine! We curate wines from around the world with the goal of making wine fun, accessible and educational. 

Your monthly wine matches are based on your quiz answers. You can choose all red or all white wine, mostly red or mostly white wine, or even 'give me my best matches' for the best bottles regardless of color! We have a 4-bottle, 6-bottle, and 12-bottle subscription box (we do not ship fewer than 4 bottles). 

We offer a Sip of the Month that can be added to your subscription. From new releases to fan favorites, each month we’ll be highlighting a bottle from our collection that just has that extra ‘sip factor.’ Adding the Sip of the Month to your personalized subscription will bring your box to a  total of 5 or 7 bottles each month, depending on your subscription type. Our Master Sommelier chooses to spotlight one amazing wine from our inventory each month, and it's a great chance to broaden your horizons. The Sip of the Month is not based on your account preferences, and we will announce the selected wine each month. 

Your wine list is always included in your receipt, sent immediately after the order processes. The wine list includes tasting notes for your monthly matches so you get a heads up on what to expect! If you don't want one of the wines or have questions, please let us know within 24 hours. If notified in time, we're always happy to edit & customize your order. 

For more information about your wines, check out the wine cards included in your subscription order! They're collectible with label art, 1-5 star rating options, as well as more thorough wine information & pairing suggestions. We on the Concierge Team are also always happy to give recommendations and food pairing ideas to complete the experience if you contact us!


Want to learn more about wine or get announcements when we release new wines? If so, check out our blog or your daily dosage of wine info, history, and insight into the wine industry!

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