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Do you carry sweet wines?Updated 9 months ago

At Bright Cellars we work hard to produce and carry wines that our members love. Everyone's palate is different, so we do carry a range of wines from very sweet to dry tannic! However, please note that our inventory changes rapidly and consistently. We are always happy to chat about specific wines, but please be aware we may not always have your favorites in stock.

If you love sweet wines, you're not alone! We do sometimes carry sweet white wines like Moscato, Riesling, and even the occasional sweet Rosé. Our algorithm is a great starting point for your profile, but our Concierge Team can help refine for greater accuracy. Please let us know if you're not receiving the sweet wine you want in your orders.

Once we've been alerted, we can update your wine settings by raising the sweetness levels and highlighting certain types of wine (Moscato, etc). While we do not always carry super sweet wines every month, there is no limit or fee to skip a month, so feel free to contact us to check on our stock and/or skip the upcoming shipment. 

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