What is my account status?

Did you cancel your subscription with us and now regret it? Maybe you want to double check that your account is indeed cancelled? No worries, you are able to reactivate or ensure your subscription has been cancelled in a few easy steps!

First, go to brightcellars.com/login. Enter your original email address and password you used to initially create your account. You will now see the similar account screen to when you had your full, active account. To reactivate (or alternatively double-check that your account is cancelled), go to “My Account” in the top right corner and then to “Account Settings” via the drop-down menu. You will then scroll down until you see “Order Information” in the right column. You can now view your account status (it should read “cancelled” if it is fully cancelled). To reactivate the service and select your next shipment date, click the red “Reactivate Subscription” button. Select when you would like your next shipment date at the top of the pop-up and click “Reactivate Account” when you are ready to continue your wine adventure! Cheers!

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