How do I sign-up?

Are you having difficulty with sign-up? Here is a step by step guide to ensure the process goes smoothly for you:

1. Go to;

2. Select either “Get Started” in the upper right corner or “Start the Wine Quiz” in the center of the home page;

3. Take our fun and unique 7 question quiz to establish your wine preferences;

4. Enter in your preliminary account information and click “My Matches” to view your specially curated selections;

5. View your selections and if you would like, swap out certain wines. When you are ready, click “Checkout” either in the upper right corner or at the bottom of the page;

6. Enter the required information in the “Shipping” and “Billing” sections;

7. Be sure to read and acknowledge that you read our “Terms & Conditions”;

8. Click “Sign Up Now”. 

Your order has been successfully submitted. For additional questions relating to sign up, please contact our Concierge Team! Cheers!

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