How do I redeem my gift subscription?

First, head to From there, enter your gift code exactly as it appears. Note that your code may contain letters and numbers. After clicking Redeem, you're prompted to either set up your account or log in if you have an existing membership.

If this is your first time with Bright Cellars, you’ll need to take our wine quiz. Once completed, enter the email address you’d like to receive our messages at (order receipts, tracking emails, etc.). Then, create a secure password, enter your date of birth, as well as your ZIP code. (We need this information to verify that you’re at least 21 years of age and live in an area of the US that we’re able to ship to!)

You’ll then be shown your first set of matches! If there’s a bottle you’d like to swap for something else, you can do so once per bottle. When you’re ready, click Checkout. On the checkout page, you’ll need to enter your shipping address and phone number, and agree to the terms and conditions. Our terms are only about a five minute read, so we recommend reading them over before checking out. Since your subscription is covered by gift credit, there’s no need for you to enter your credit card information!

Before clicking Sign Up Now, double-check that your shipping address is accurate and complete. Any errors in your address can cause delays to your order's arrival! If everything looks right to you, click Sign Up Now and get excited! Should you have any questions or requests, get in touch with us. Shoot us an email at, or give us a call at (844) 223-5527 to discuss your gift subscription. We’ll look forward to chatting soon!

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