How Do I Earn Member Rewards Points?

Points for extra goodies? Yes, please! We have several ways for members to earn rewards. 

1. Refer fellow wine lovers to Bright Cellars! You'll earn 1,000 rewards points for every friend you refer who signs up. 

2. Rate your wine matches on our website. This will help us refine your taste profile, and as an added bonus you'll receive points for every wine you rate. Pro tip: earn extra points for rating all of the wines in your shipment. 

3. Want more of that amazing wine from your last order? Repurchase wines you love and get rewarded! You'll receive points with every wine repurchase you make. 

4. Need a last minute gift? The gift a wine never disappoints! For every month of a gift subscription you purchase, you'll earn 100 extra points.

To view your rewards, simply log into your account on the Bright Cellars website, or click here.

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