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When can I expect my order?

We are excited for you to receive your order! Once generated, your order will be sent to our fulfillment centers where our crew will hand pick and pack your wines with care. Once everything is packed up, they will generate a tracking label and we wil

How can I find my tracking information?

Once our fulfillment centers print the label for your shipment, we instantly email a tracking link to you. It may take up to 3 business days for your tracking information to show movement. Occasionally, members have found that these emails end up in

Help! My order is missing.

We're sorry to hear your package was not properly delivered! Sometimes, carriers will prematurely mark a package as delivered before actually delivering it, depending on their delivery schedule. Should this occur, we’re here to help and can contact t

Help! My order arrived damaged.

We’re sorry to hear your package was damaged in transit! The carrier will notify us when a package is marked as damaged so we can assist in reimbursing or reshipping the order. On rare occasions FedEx or UPS may be delayed in notifying us. Not to wor