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How do S.I.P. Rewards work?

Drink wine, share the love, and earn points as you sip. Our S.I.P. Rewards Program allows you to earn as you go — for everything from trying new wine to rating, reviewing, following, and celebrating milestones with us. Earn 1 point per $1 spent. You'

Why do my rewards look different?

We launched our new rewards program - S.I.P. Rewards! Good news – we have drastically improved the ways to earn and the amount you’ll earn just for sipping your wines. We carried over your points from our previous system (they’re now worth 25% more w

If I’m already following you on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok or I’m a member of the Facebook group, can I still receive rewards points?

Yes! To receive your points, just head to our rewards page and sign into your accounts.

How long do I keep my tier status?

Tiers are based on years, so the points you earn in a year will determine your tier status for that year. For example, if you unlocked Bright Sider status in March, you will be a Bright Sider until March of the following year. You can always move up

How do I become a rewards member?

It’s easy! Just create an account with us and make sure you’re a subscription member. (Points are reserved for customers with active subscription only!) You’ll be automatically enrolled in S.I.P. Rewards.

Is there a referral program?

We do have a referral program, and we always appreciate you pouring it forward!. Your friend gets $40 off ($20 off their first box then 20 points to their account) and you get $40 worth of points for each successful referral. Need more information? C

How do I redeem my points for rewards?

You’ll need to make sure you’re logged into your account. The first way is to select your redemption amount through our rewards page. This will generate a discount code for you to apply at checkout. You will also get an email with your unique code fo

Do my rewards points expire?

Your rewards points will expire after one year of inactivity, so we always recommend engaging with your account to keep your points in play.

I referred a friend and my points aren’t showing up?

If you referred a friend and your points haven’t shown up on your rewards page, your friend likely hasn’t completed a purchase of $50 or more. If you've confirmed the referral was successful and you still haven't received your points, please get in c

How do I apply my rewards points to an existing subscription?

1. Login and head to the rewards page. Rewards points are redeemable in $5, $10, $20, $50, $60, and $80 amounts. 2. Select your desired amount and copy the code to use at checkout. (This code will also be sent to your email) or navigate to checkout a

Can I redeem my points on a bonus bottle in my next box?

Yes, you can add an additional bottle to your next order in the account management page and apply a coupon code to cover the cost.