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Too much wine?

Are you running out of space on your wine rack? Let’s talk about it!. Contact us here to learn more about our subscription plans. We're able to stagger your orders to come once every four, six, eight, or twelve weeks. As an active member, you're also

Pause Subscription

Need some extra time with your matches before your next order? We’ve got some options for you!. Log in to your Bright Cellars account. In the Manage Subscription page, you’ll see an option to skip your next shipment, or choose your next order date. A

Need more wine?

Can’t get enough Bright Cellars wine? We’ve been there, and we have a few options to keep you well-stocked!. Are you interested in getting bulk orders based on your preferences? Email our team at [email protected]. They can set you up with a gr

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time in your Account Settings page. You're also able to reach out to our Wine Concierge team for assistance with managing your subscription. We are very flexible with frequency, shipping options, pricing, and w

How do I reactivate my subscription?

Looking to reactivate your wine subscription? We missed you too! Let’s get you set up. To reactivate your subscription, log in to your Bright Cellars account. From your Manage Subscription page, scroll to the bottom and click Reactivate Subscription.

How do I rate my wines?

To rate a current or past match, log in to your account and locate the ‘rate your wines’ tab in the navigation bar. Click the wine you’d like to rate, and add your star rating and comments. If you would like to make specific changes to your preferenc