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How We Work

How does your wine quiz work?

Bright Cellars is the monthly wine subscription startup designed to help new wine drinkers discover and define their taste in wine! We curate wines from around the world with the goal of making wine fun, accessible and educational. Our mission is to

How do I sign up?

Are you having difficulty with sign-up? Here is a step by step guide to ensure the process goes smoothly for you:. 1. Go to 2. Select 'Take The Wine Quiz'. 3. Take our easy (and fun!) wine quiz to let us know what you like. 4. Ente

Billing explained

Bright Cellars offers the following subscription frequency options to our members:. You are always welcome to skip months or adjust this date - we are flexible to fit your needs!. You can always see your next scheduled order here: https://www.brightc

Where do you ship?

We can only ship in the United States at this time. We we unable to ship to the following states:  Utah, Mississippi, Alaska, Hawaii, Delaware, and dry counties in Kentucky.